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Thankful for the Delicious Bytes

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This is an incredible time for you to take a byte out of the incredibly delicious conferences that are being shared online. Global educators from around the world have shared sweet bytes of information during recent conferences and some are going live in the coming weeks. It is so important that these bytes of information are there for anytime, anywhere learning since educators’ schedules are very busy and time is so valued. Be selective and grab knowledge that fills your tool kit to benefit the learners you guide. Take a look at the delicious amount of information that is current and take a sweet byte! Be sure to share these delicious bytes with others.

Four for Friday – Fall Online Conferences

GaETC (Georgia Educational Technology Conference) on Nov. 2-4, offered a variety of professional learning over three packed days. Bernajean Porter, Tony Vincent, Leslie Fisher and Kathy Schrock were just a few of the educational leaders that shared knowledge to guide learners.  You can view the presentations  at On your mobile phone, you can view at

Global Education Conference took place this week, Nov. 14-18. You can sign up and view presentations and follow information at the hashtag #globaled11. The aim of this conference is to significantly increase opportunities for globally connecting education activities and initiatives. You can locate more information on connecting at

K12Online Conference begins Nov. 21 with keynote posting and general presentations becoming available for viewing the weeks of November 28 and December 5. These will remain online indefinitely. Plan ahead by checking out this presentation teaser by Lorna Constantini as well as the full 2011 conference schedule. Don’t forget to follow the hashtag #k12online.

Virtual Tech Forum presents December 8 with live webcasts focusing on topics vital to 21st Century learning. Check out the list of presenters and full schedule of daily events. There will be an end of show drawing for prizes!

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