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Links to Explore Choice and Passion

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Today is an inclement weather day in our district so due to a milder winter; educators are enjoying a three day weekend. Three full days of time to gather strength and energy to complete the school year. It is very important to finish strong and instill those lasting impressions of the school year on learners. It is also a time to provide more choice and freedom to personalize learning with yearly assessments almost complete. Letting go and giving learners opportunity to choose their learning experience and seek areas of passion can provide those lasting memories you hope they remember. Will you let go for three days or a week? Will you let them fuel their passions and seek what they want to learn? Make lasting impressions!

A Few for Friday – Explore and Share

InstaGrok is an excellent education search, curation and journaling site. Read more from David Andrade at Tech & Learning.

Snapguide, a free IOS app, allows learners to share their learning by creating a step-by-step guide. Using video, image and text, learners can build and view guides online or mobile devices.

Quintura Kids as well as a few other search tools were shared on a previous Friday Flash – One Step at a Time. Enjoy and let them explore their passions.

Photo from irewired – passionate about gardening!

Dick Clark – Rock Star Creator

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1929 - 2012

Dick Clark, “America’s oldest teenager” was a pioneer, entrepreneur, and media icon. As creator and host of American Bandstand, he helped to propel rock and roll culture by showcasing aspiring musicians. American Bandstand provided these young artists their first exposure to a larger audience. As a great host he promoted young adults from all walks of life sharing different styles of music. He was a trailblazer and rock star creator by giving young adults voice.  There are so many ways we can learn from Dick Clark but that one gift, opportunity to share voice, stands out. How can we as educators honor, Dick Clark, a true media legend. One way is to provide learners more opportunities to share their voice. There are countless ways for learners to share with the larger audience. What opportunities will you provide?  Will you create a future rock star?

A Few for Friday – Giving Voice

Giving Students a Voice with Voicethread shares a wealth of information by retired Forsyth ITS, Sandy Beck. Beck shared presentation at GAETC2011. Voicethread can be cross-curricular and promote HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills.) Voicethread Project Ideas from Magistra Musing’s blog as well as Examples of Voicethread from Teach it Up VoiceThread Wiki provide many examples to speak and share. Voicethread mobile offers great possibilities in the classroom.

Giving Students Voice Through “This I Believe” Podcasts from Read, Write and Think is a detailed lesson plan for 9-12 grade learners. Audacity is used for recording and lots of resources are shared including a rubric for the podcast lesson.

Richard Byrne, at Free Technology For Teachers, recently shared the free IOS app AudiMemo Free. Byrne provided some additional suggestions for use in the classroom. In an earlier post he listed other podcast tools here.

Photo Courtesy of Dick Clark Productions, Inc.



New PLAYgrounds – Tilt that Seesaw

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Old Playground Circa 1897

Assessment weeks are winding away and hopefully learners will have more opportunity to play and explore new learning experiences. A recent post via Daily Adventures, shared global hero, Henry Jenkins – “Play is at the heart of learning – USA” and his influence on educators throughout the world. “Give yourself and your students permission to play, ” say Henry Jenkins. PLAY stands for Participatory Learning and You. Jenkins goes on to state play is the basic human mechanism for learning. Many schools view play as disruption of the educational process but Jenkins notes that play actually motivates learning and provides new forms of engagement. He highlights five core principals to embrace participatory learning. These core principals are key concepts to frame and apply to learning new media literacy’s. Jenkins says, “New media literacies cannot be an option (meaning new media shouldn’t be set aside for the end of the week if the students have been “good”). It is not about the tools or technology; it is about experimentation, more collaboration, more creativity and more play. ” Read entire post about this global hero in education and be inspired. How will you tilt the seesaw and provide new opportunities for participatory learning? Will you wait till work is finished or testing is complete?

Four For Friday – Apps to Take Outside to Play

VidRythm is free app to share learning experiences easily remixing short video clips. There is no actual game to play but it is a lot of fun to play and create. Promote play by sharing play.

Viddy is another video capturing app with cinematic features that allows you to quickly share memorable moments. Viddy is the instagram for videos.  Check out this one titled “Water!”

Kinotopic creates kinos, which are also known as cinemagraphs. Kinotopic allows you to make still photographs and add small areas of movement. Make some playful animations!

Snapster is new app released this week that allows you to take square photos. To improve your photography skills you have to play and take lots of photos plus it is always fun to play with something new!

Photo Courtesy of iRewired – Old Playground in Colorado