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This week over sixty educators became BYOT tourists and traveled in two yellow twinkies to visit an elementary, middle and high school in the district to observe how BYOT (Bringing Your Own Technology) is elevating learning. Guided by enthusiastic learners at each school, the tourists were inspired by all the learners, teachers and students. With an array of devices in the piloting classrooms, students were reviewing vocabulary and math facts, video capturing steps to solve lengthy math equations and sharing collaborative discussions with TitanPad and Board800. The engagement level was at a peak in the 12th grade English class where students were studying Shakespeare’s Othello. Learners were using Skype to conduct a back-channel discussion about relevant points of Othello while watching the the 1995 film version. Witnessing the level of engagement was exciting for all the tourists. There is still so much to learn and share how to guide new educators in this process. You can read more about BYOT or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in this month’s issue of Tech and Learning. You can also view and sign-up here to receive Tech and Learning. We can only be tourists for so long. When will you become a BYOT Guide?

A Few For Friday – Skype in the Classroom

Skype in the Classroom is now available for educators. Skype for education offers a free directory for educators to share resources and connect with other classrooms. Set up your free account at Skype and then join Skype in the Classroom.

Making Connections with Skype is a Livebinder with tons of resources. Select the tabs and see what is featured. From 50 Awesome Ways to Use Skype to connecting with an expert, this site offers many resources to get learners connected.

Related Apps – Compass (What direction are you going?)

Compass Free

The Compass for iPad

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