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Not Angry – Spring Break – Gamifying

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It is spring break in the south and thankful cardinals, sparrows, brown thrashers and doves are singing in these woods and not angry birds. According to Rovio the developers of the arcade game Angry Birds, these birds sing daily as players log more than 1 million hours of game time each day on the iOS version of the game. As a learner and adventurer, some of those hours have been captured on my personal devices. What makes Angry Birds so appealing or not appealing? A recent post by smashapp, 3 simple things teachers could learn from Angry Birds, shared principals that might be used to make instruction more interesting.

  1. Mix simplicity and challenge – just right amounts, just right time
  2. Allow trial and error and then reward with mastery
  3. Think visually – visualize with everything

As great educators, these are strategies we are doing in our classrooms. How can we continue to improve these practices with the vast amounts of resources at our fingertips?

Interesting Read – ‘Gamifying’ The System to Create Better

Four for Friday – Math Games

Flower Power – A math game involving the ordering of decimals and fractions.

Arcademic Skill Builders is offered by Math games range from simple addition to decimals and fractions.

ICT Numeracy Games – Many interactive games that cover basic computation and measurement.

Super Maths Worlds – Games for learning and practicing math skills recently shared by Richard Byrne – Free Technology for Teachers

App Resources – Drill and Kill and a few games!

miTables Lite – Easy multiplication practice

Math Race – Computation with three levels of difficulty with the ability for two players. ($1.99)

Pizza Fractions – Easy visual to choose correct fraction. Unfortunately Comparing Fractions and Basic Conversions are $0.99

Motion Math – Award winning fraction game that is well worth $0.99.

Photo Opportunity – Recently Edudemic shared how the oatmeal rated the like-ability of individual angry birds with an infographic. The also provided a free .png file of the angry birds.


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