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Tree Hugger – Hang on to Earth Day Everyday

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Capturing moments on our earth doesn’t get any better when the moments share the flora and fauna that surround us everyday.  How can we insure our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and their children have these photo opportunities? We have to share passion for our earth and ecology everyday and not just Earth Day. We have to inspire learners’ curiosity and produce critical thinkers to solve environmental issues in the future.  How can you make an impact so we can hang on to the things that matter?

Five for Friday – Earth Day Resources

Earth Day Network – Millions are signing up and pledging to save our planet with acts of green. What can your learners pledge and share with their community.

Using Google Earth on Earth Day – The Google Earth Blog shares many resources for everyday studies of our earth. This link shares environmental related content.

Scholastic’s Explore Your Earth – Using Google Earth students are guided on making everyday decisions concerning the environment.

Earth Day 2010 – The Big Picture shares awesome photographs from around the globe to spark conversation.

National Geographic Educational Resources – National Geographic’s new educational resource site was launched recently with different ways to view the resources.

Apps for Environmentalists

Pollution – Pollution informs you about your local pollution sources, and their measured exposures. Free for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Eco Finder – Find out where you can recycle and dispose about anything.

Go Green - Get this app and get collectible Green tips that are saved to your Green list. You get a new Green tip each time you visit the app. Your Green status also changes as you earn more Green tips.

Build it Green – Back to the Beach is an awesome gaming app for the iPad from National Geographic. Unfortunately it is not free. ($4.99)

Photo from irewired – Tree frog hanging on a tree outside my home in the hills of north Georgia.



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