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This past week with the help of Twitter and educators freely sharing an abundance of information at several technology conferences across the country, I experienced an information journey without leaving the confines of my office. I was excited about the journey but tired by the huge amounts of information.  This information journey began with NCTIES, North Carolina Technology in Education Society and MACUL, Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning.  Using the hash marks for both conferences(#ncties & #macul10), I was able to view valuable information on presentations, presenters and attendees and learn about so many resources and strategies for the classroom. The information came fast and furious and as I viewed, I quickly categorized and bookmarked for later reference and reflection.  The amount of material shared was overwhelming. Gathering the material brought me back to the old days when so much of our information was gathered, printed and saved in three-ring binders. My shelves were packed with different colored binders with information concerning software how to’s, integration ideas and student work samples as well as  professional development artifacts. Of course teachers had their own technology binder with information they collected from year to year. Thankfully today we work harder at saving paper and ink since documents and resources are saved digitally.

One new archiving resource, LiveBinders, was discovered in a tweet from #ncties.  LiveBinders is a free online knowledge sharing place that lets you create online three ring binders. It is very simple to use and a great tool for many educational purposes. Check out my New Tools Binder to see the format of LiveBinders and also view a few other new online tools by selecting the tabs. How can LiveBinders help with Information Overload?

“Know where to find information and how to use it – That’s the secret of success.” Albert Einstein

Five For Friday – LiveBinders in the Classroom

Ten Great Ways for Educators to Use LiveBinders – Great information to get you started!

LiveBinder4 Teachers is information overload but provides tons of information. Remember…Keep it Simple!

A Teacher’s Use of LiveBinders – This teacher created a binder for students to use over the summer. Notice that this binder has sub tabs under the main tabs.

4th, 5th and 6th Grade Math Word Problems – Great collection of math sites!

Promethean  Activ Resources Binder – Be sure to notice the sub tabs.

Tech Bit

Thank you #ncties and #macul10 for sharing two great venues of information. Social Media is a teacher lounge for this retired educator. Read Guest Blog: Making the Case for Social Media in Education shared by Betty Ray with Steve Anderson for Edutopia and think about moving toward cybercitizenship conversations instead of cyberbullying.

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