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Building Community for all Learners

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One team of our district’s instructional technology staff is participating in a year long professional development course to build and develop strategies for the district’s BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) initiative. The course, Engage Me With IT – BYOT, partners these educators with teachers in their buildings to develop and implement instructional strategies in utilizing mobile devices students bring to the classroom.

At a recent session, there was such an engagement buzz in the room which reflected a strong community was being built. These educators collaborated by posting lessons and reflections in our learning management system. They brainstormed hurdles and sucesses with the online tool and built a list of management strategies in a goodle doc. They were given time to collaborate and design lessons to implement in their buildings. During the day there was so much engagement and learning occurring it was very difficult to halt the momentum and move to the next part of the session. What stood out was this framework of learning is how learning should be in today’s classroom. Through design for collaboration and input from learners, community was built and the day was a success. How do you build community for your learners?

Thank you to our ITS team of rock stars for a a great day of learning. Here is a great link from Edudemic with an awesome video message – An Incredible Way to Teach!

A Few For Friday – Tools for BYOT is a very simple web app that allows you to post sticky notes. No registration is required. You are given a url which can be shared with your community. View a short video at Lifehacker.

Primary Wall is another online sticky that doesn’t require registration unless you want to format.

Lino It is another very user friendly sticky note + canvas that is user friendly on mobile devices! You do have to register but then you have a dashboard of all your canvases. Lino is a free app for IOS devices.

Primary Pad and are two favorites that have been very successful in the classrooms. Teachers and students can collaborate in real time.

Google Docs rock but educators need to remember that usage should be for 13 years and older. Check out more at Google Docs for Educators.

Photos from Engage Me With IT – BYOT Session

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