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As life long learners we have to continually grow as we learn everyday and evolve how we learn. Information is coming to us in all directions and as many say we are drinking from a fire hose. It’s not the water we are gulping but the overflow of information we are trying to swallow without choking. Two recent articles from Lifehack shared some valuable information to keep us learning in such an information rich time. How to Consume Digital Information More Efficiently shares strategies on consuming RSS feeds, your Inbox and Social Media Networks. Why You Should Learn a Daily Lesson goes back to that age old question we ask our children and learners, “What did you learn today?” As adults we should be asking ourselves that question. Lifehake suggests writing a short list of what was learned and use that information to take action to improve and move forward. This is relevant for all learners, young and old. What a great idea to put in place after professional development to sustain what an educator has learned. What will your learning list reveal and what actions will you take to improve your future?

A Few for Friday – Ways to List

Wunderlist is a great way to organize your life and it is free for every device. You can even invite friends to work with you on your lists. You may want to check out Wunderkit that was recently released to the public

Evernote allows you create notes by capturing ideas, visuals and audio. There are so many uses of Evernote in education as shown by this Prezi- Evernote-One Teacher’s Perspective or check out Evernote in Education at the Educational Technology Guy.

Popplet is another great way to organize ideas learned and extend where you want to go with new learning. Unfortunately Popplet is seeking information from educators via a survey  at the Popplet Blog and they are possibly moving toward a modest subscription service. Complete the survey and let them know what you think and that you wish Popplet to remain a free Web 2.0 tool.

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