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Mountains of Information – Ride the Wave of Change

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AnthracitesThe new school year has begun and brought new changes and challenges for educators.  Many educators are taking on new roles to fill the gaps created by cuts in budget and personnel. As instructional leaders we have to accept these new challenges and ride the wave of change. How can we be supportive in the new roles and continue to provide opportunities for collaboration and designing transformational learning?

Last August, Kim Cofino shared her five tips in shifting positions from classroom teacher to technology facilitator on her blog at Always Learning, Lessons Learned: Tips for New Technology Facilitator. Finding a balance in your role as instructional leader will be key over the next few months and keeping the passion strong will keep you riding the wave.

“The more time you spend with your colleagues and their students, the more you will learn about them, their curriculum, their needs and their experiences.” Kim Cofino

Four for Friday – Keeping Informed with Online Publications

These publications over the years have moved from print to digital issues and offer mountains of information. Do you subscribe and stay on top of current trends?

Tech & Learning – Subscribe and stay current with current topics in education and technology.

Edutopia – Wonderful publication from the George Lucas Foundation. Sign up for the free weekly newsletter.

The Journal – View digital issues online and stay informed.

Learning and Leading with Technology – ISTE’s magazine features practical ideas for using today’s technology tools to improve teaching and learning in today’s classroom.

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Earth Day Everyday

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No Printing ImageEarth Day IS everyday. Everyday we need to remind ourselves to be stewards of our earth. In classrooms we conserve daily by creating and saving digitally   and not printing everything! Do you ever wonder how many trees it takes to make paper? You can read more at Conservatree. The important fact is to conserve on printing.

Conserve on printing and conserve by inspiring educators to not produce large amounts of worksheets. How powerful would it be to have a No Worksheet Day! Wow, the classroom would rock with so many wonderful and engaging activities. It is a fact with tighter budgets there will be less paper and fewer funds to purchase ink for printers. Lack of funds for materials will be a challenge but we can turn this challenge into an opportunity to invite new instructional practices. How can you encourage a No Worksheet Day or Do Not Print Day? How can you change instructional practices and encourage teachers to move from pencil and paper to digital media resources?

There are many critical issues that effect what we do everyday in the classroom. A new article at THE Journal highlights The 2010 Horizon Report : K-12 Edition. Read more about the five critical issues facing education and six technologies that will shape the future of education.

Five For Friday – Earth Day

Miniature Earth – An awesome video to share with students. If there were only 100 people on earth, how would it look? You can download a standalone version for $5.00.

Breathing Earth – Interesting global information on CO2 emission, birth and death rate and world population.

The Big Picture – Excellent photos from Earth Day 2009 at that will inspire.

Explore Your Earth – Another great lesson resource from Scholastic as well as Act Green.

EekoWorld – This site at PBS Kids is designed to help students age six to nine learn how important it is to take care of our earth.

The image above is from a free global warming icon set @ iconshock