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Busy as Bees – What is Important?

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The beginning of this year seems extremely busier than years past. We are working as busy as bees and dodging barriers and obstacles just as this bee is avoiding the thorns of the thistle. But just as this bee seeks the nourishment from the flower, we too need to reach out and seek new ideas and ways to learn and provide better instruction for all learners. Our learners today are different and are unlike any other generation. Angela Maiers(@AngelaMaiers), a veteran teacher, parent and mentor, shares 12 Most Important Things About Kids Today. This is an incredible list that she proudly shares to inspire and make you so proud of all our young learners. Maiers also challenges us to maximize our partnerships and relationships with them because they still want and need our guidance. How can you take this list and support these important things about kids? Challenge and seek what is truly important to our learners.

Five for Friday – Professional Learning Communities/Networks

Edutopia, provides incredible resources for innovation and learning contributed by professionals from all over the globe. (@edutopia)

HP Teacher Experience Exchange provides professional development resources from lesson plans, webinars, to forums and how to videos. (@HPTeachExchange)

Classroom 2.0 is a social network for educators interested in Web 2.0 and social media in the classroom. (@classroom20)

The Teacher Learning Community offers many free webinars on current topics conducted by educators. August 24, from 2:00-2:30 you can tune into Web Tool Smackdown and receive a free copy of SimpleK12′s ebook – 101 Free Tech Tools for Teachers. (@TLC_edu)

Educators PLN is a personal learning community and great spot to connect with other educators as well as gather material to share with your professional community.

Photo Courtesy of irewired – Colorado Rockies