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Ending on a High Note – Keep Singing!

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With the last day of school approaching, teachers are extremely busy wrapping up the year posting grades, updating records, cleaning and inventorying classroom items and completing checklists.  Many have the opportunity of ending on a high note with graduation celebrations and end of the year classroom celebrations. What will be your end on a high note? Now is a time to reflect on accomplishments and be grateful for a great year of learning and staying positive toward the future. With job roles changing due to budget cuts, it is still awesome to be an educator.  As you move from being a NITS, New Instructional Technology Specialist to an ITS, remember that you will continue to manage the vision and purpose, learn on the fly, show managerial courage and drive for results. Take time to end on high note by brainstorming all the wonderful things that were accomplished to engage teachers and students in 21st century learning.  Try Edistorm, a new brainstorming application (Edison + Brainstorm) and share your thoughts. Celebrate by ending on a high note!

“Keep a smile on your face and a song in your heart!”- Dr. Dennis Whittle, former principal, always a teacher!

Five for Friday – Some Musical Resources – Keep Singing!

Wild Music – A traveling expedition about sounds and songs of life. Create music with animal sounds as well as test your memory.

Creating Music – A creative online music site to compose music, play a musical performance and interact with puzzles and games showcasing pitch, and rhythm.

CitySounds – A great site where you can listen to the latest sounds from cities across the globe. There is a latest chart which shares recently updated cities as well as individual city pages with more tracks, genre and stats.

Moodturn – Relax and enjoy music and backgrounds to fit your mood. Themes include the rainforest, garden, rain, and beach just to name a few. Use the tabs on the side to select moods and backgrounds. What is your mood?

Science (and more) to Music – An incredible site with lots of connections for music based teaching with science, math and more!

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