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Push Like and Move Forward

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During the opening days of the new school year we are thankful for educational leaders and colleagues that share many items of educational importance via social media channels. The beginning of school can be hectic but we still need to embrace our visions and engage learners from the start. Two great articles, How to Turn Your Classroom into an Idea Factory, a recent post from Mind/Shift and 12 Most Important Things Children Want From Their Teacher, from Angela Mairs, were recently shared via a facebook page. We are thankful for many facets of social media and collaborative channels that remind us of what is most important during this busy time, our students. Remember to like educators and organizations on your facebook feed and follow in Twitter. It will push and move you forward.

A Few for Friday – Like and Follow

Edutopia - This site has shared great inspiration for years. Their team of bloggers provide a wealth of information.  Follow on Twitter @edutopia.

Tech4Learning – Since 1999, this company has created tools to support learning and provided many resources to support instruction using these tools. Follow on Twitter @Tech4Learning.

Mind/Shift – This site has been a leader in covering trends and moving forward to the future. Follow on Twitter @MindShiftKQED.







Spring Forward!

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Ignoring recent blankets of winter snow, bulbs are bursting and stems are breaking ground reaching upward toward the sun. Such determination to push forward seeking heat, transforms a little, brown bulb into a flowering beauty.  How determined are you to transform instructional practices for today’s learners so they can bloom? How can you break ground and turn up the heat to promote rigor and relevance in the classroom?  First take time for reflection on current instructional practices. Then relax for a few by clicking here and doing nothing for 2 minutes! Then spring forward and make some waves to heat up instruction!

Four for Friday – Ideas to Spring Forward

Read these excellent posts, Ten Ways to Technology Supports 21st Century Learners in Being Self Directed and Ten Ways Facebook Strengthens the Teacher-Student Connection from Lisa Nielsen. You can follow Lisa on twitter – @innovativeEdu

Visit an OER (Open Educational Resource) such as 21st Century Skills at Thinkfinity. This site provides lessons and resources to inspire creativity and collaboration to prepare learners for tomorrow’s world.

Subscribe to an educational subscription such as the Creative Educator from Tech4Learning. Download and view the spring issue here. Another great read is The Journal. The January issue contains a great article, The Social Classroom: Facebook, Twitter and the gang have arrived. Can you subscribe to The Journal?

On facebook, LIKE Free Technology For Teachers, to view the latest blog posts from Richard Byrne, a teacher that shares a wealth of information on a variety of topics.

Photo – Bulbs popping in North Georgia. Spring is around the corner!

Transparent Not Invisible

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Can you see my boxer?

Technology integration needs to be transparent and certainly not invisible. With the influx of smart phones and other mobile devices in learners’ hands, communication and collaboration is ongoing and escalating via social media networks. Learners, teachers and students, are capturing information, images and data at all times of the day. Internet  2010 in Numbers, was recently shared by Royal Pingdom via charts and visual data. The numbers for Twitter and Facebook are mind boggling. Did you see 30 billion pieces of pieces of content (links, notes, photos, etc.) shared on Facebook per month?

The time to move away from making these devices invisible to making them transparent in the classroom is now. We all have a role in making this shift happen. Personal Learning Networks are sharing many ideas and strategies to make transparency of devices a reality. The question is not will you be a part of this shift, the question is when?

Four for Friday – From Invisible to Transparent

The Complete Facebook for Teachers from Jeffrey Thomas is an excellent resource. Thomas’ blog, Tech the Plunge, provides useful information for your toolkit..

The Ultimate Twitter Guide for Teachers is from Edudemic. Twitter is a great resource for gathering information on BYOT(Bring Your Own Technology).

The #edchat Daily is an online newsletter that highlights current trends and useful information from educators across the globe., is an application that lets you create and share Twitter and Facebook as a daily newspaper. It was shared in an earlier posting, Tasty Tweets, A Daily Newspaper.

A Day in the Life of an ipad Classroom recently shared project information on the usage of iPads versus textbooks. Read and find out what happens when an eighth grade classroom replaces textbooks with iPads.

Photo – A recent snapshot from north Georgia