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Lots of DIRT to Scoop

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Twitter and RSS feeds dig up tons of robust digital informational resources of technology (DIRT) that is shared daily . This time of year it is difficult to keep up with the wealth of information, or great DIRT, so it is helpful to subscribe to an online magazine or newspaper that gathers these tweets and feeds.!, an online magazine, is used by many educational leaders to share information centered around topics such as mobile devices and technology integration., is another online newspaper creator which was shared in a previous post, and is a great tool used to showcase sites also written by others. You can subscribe to these to receive updates. What DIRT will you scoop up to spread with your learning community?

Five for Friday – Great DIRT from! and

iPads in Education is curated by John Evans, an e-consultant from Manitoba, Canada. He curates his magazine by following blogs, tweets and videos on the web. He also publishes The Tech News Daily at You can follow him @joevans.

Tools for Learners is curated by Nik Peachey and shares of wealth of web based tools to help learners exploit the web. You can follow Peachey @The NerdyTeacher.

EdTechConference is curated by Arthur Preston who shares how technology is impacting and changing education. He also publishes on Paperli at Arthur Preston Daily. You can follow him @artpreston.

Digital Tools and Education is curated by Eric Stockmeyer. Stockymeyer searches for the best articles on using digital tools to improve instruction. You can follow him @stockmeyer1.

#mlearning is published by RJ Jacquez, an Adobe Senior Product Evangelist. You can follow him @rjacquez as well as link to his other publications at

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