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A Penny For Your Thoughts – Socrative

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At a recent session with our newest Instructional Technology Staff, each selected a penny from a cup for two purposes. One was to buy a penny for their thoughts to share mid year reflections and the other as a simple raffle ticket for small prizes. Everyone loves to be a winner. To gather their thoughts, Socrative, was used to engage responses using their mobile devices that included iPads and iPhones. Socrative is a free student response system that empowers teachers to engage their classrooms through a series of educational exercises and games via smartphones, laptops, and tablets. In this case it was used as an icebreaker to gather information from colleagues. The five short answer questions were simple with a twist of fun.

  • What color are you today and pair your color with an adjective?
  • If you woke up in the morning as an animal, what would you be?
  • What is rocking your work world today?
  • What’s one work related skill you would like to develop?
  • If an alien landed tomorrow and gave you a superpower, what would it be?

As an icebreaker for the session, the quiz opened the door for more reflective conversation and collaboration. Socrative, is a great response system and used by many educators in our district. Learn more about Socrative and ideas for classroom integration at Socrative Garden as well as follow on Twitter @socrative.  Register instantly as an educator at and see how easily you can gather information for assessment or reflection. Will you gather a penny for their thoughts and seek mid year reflections from your learners?

A Few For Friday – Ice Breakers for Anytime

Ice Breaker Questions for Kids is a great list of questions for quick response or as writing prompts.

Ice Breakers for Small Groups is packed with lots of ideas and activities. How could these be used to engage learning?

40 Ice Breakers and Other Warm -Ups provides a variety of ways to build community and impact learning.

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Sharing and Sustaining Creativity

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What an incredible week of collaboration and sharing ways to engage learners and sustain momentum in using technology effectively. In one session new instructional technology staff shared methods to engage reluctant educators and then inspire them to spread the word on how they used new technologies with their peers. Once these staff member implemented new ideas, it was suggested they share their knowledge with others in professional development meetings or webinars. Peer to peer sharing and learning together reinforces future possibilities of effective uses of technology in the classrooms.

In another collaborative session, members of Tech4Learning shared their new product, K12Share, a secure online hosting platform to showcase student work created with Pixie (Creativity Software) and Share (Web Authoring Tool). Students love to share their products and creativity, which K12Share can easily support.  Tech4Learning has been providing great tools that engage, create and share ideas and their online resources support their products to sustain creativity.

How do you share and sustain engaged learning? Five for Friday shares how Tech4Learning supports and sustains creativity for all learners.

Five For Friday – All About Tech4Learning

Tech4Learning shares their products with 30 day trial periods and offers volume pricing. Download Pixie 3 and Share to not only see the ease of use of these two applications but the power to engage learners.

Join Tech4Learning Connect community and see how other educators and collaborating and sharing information. Check out Scott Loomis by searching in the members field. The blogs and forums provide some ideas to share with your peers.

Connect with Creative Educator to research articles and gather ideas. You can narrow and search topics such as project based learning and digital storytelling to reach your interests. Sign up for print or electronic delivery of their seasonal magazine.

Join the Trading Post to download activities by keyword, content area, grade level and or subject area to use with Tech4Learning products. You can upload and share your awesome ideas.

Follow Tech4Learning on Twitter @Tech4Learning and Like on facebook for ideas to sustain your growth and that of your team. Check out what PLSN means on a recent facebook post. Do you think S has something to do with sharing?

Extra for Friday – Icon Creator
Quirco – iPhone, iPod and iPad Icon Generator. You can create a simple shape in Pixie and save it to use with this generator. Several sizes are created and can easily be saved.